Traditional Malaysian National Snacks

We Enhance The Quality Of Malaysia Traditional Snack And Build Up A Modern Viral Brands


  • MeSTI


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  • Jaya Grocer

    Malaysia’s most recognisable grocery chain, Jaya Grocer is an iconic household name—one that is synonymous with high-quality daily essentials and an exclusive, ever-growing range of imported products. At Jaya Grocer, you’ll find everything you need.
  • Mondo Smart Store

    First Unmanned Smart Store in Malaysia.Mondo is a highly innovative AI technology-driven one-stop convenient store using facial recognition and biometrics. No cash. No hassle. No promoter staring. Shop in Mondo enjoy beyond 360 degree, 24-hour personalised shopping comfort and freedom to pay.
  • BilaBila Mart

    BilaBila is a story inspired by the pride that Malaysians have of their culture, heritage & food. Think of us as a Kedai Runcit reimagined in a refreshed and contemporary image, while being proud supporters of homegrown Malaysian brands. BilaBila pun #SupportLocal !
  • Hilltop Grocer

    Located on the chilly mountain of Genting Highlands, HillTop Grocer in SkyAvenue is a grocer provides an economical yet distinctive shopping and dining experience in a comfortable setting. Anticipate only top-notch grocery offerings to a span of most delightful snacks that will leave you wanting more!
  • emart24

    emart24's key highlights are its hot and chilled ready-to-eats and its famous private label brands including No Brand and I'm e as well as other popular Korean food and drink brands like Cass beer, Nongshim, Haitai, CJ Foods and Lotte. There is also a section on K-beauty.
  • Vsing

    The Trendiest Social Concert Bar in Malaysia. Vsing combines the social attributes of a bar, complimented by seamless digital-driven interaction, concert-level stage effects, and competitive atmosphere of singing activities.
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