【About Us】

Lekor Bites is a local snack company committed to leading Malaysia's Traditional Snack to the international market. We have introduced our own mascot, a pink dinosaur named Leky, because dinosaurs represent tradition and history, while Leky's pink color represents the brand's innovation and progress.

The use of a dinosaur image as a mascot helps increase people's awareness and attention to the brand.

In summary, the story of Lekor Bites and mascot Leky is a combination of tradition and modernity, history and innovation, and a combination of crispy texture and dinosaur image.

【LEKY's Story】

There was once a pink dinosaur named Leky, who was the most active and restless dinosaur in the dinosaur kingdom. Every day, Leky was always running, playing, and biting things.

Sometimes, it would chase after other small animals in the grasslands of the dinosaur kingdom, making them feel scared. Most of the time, Leky was biting things, gnawing on the surrounding objects one by one, and even biting its own tail, which not only troubled the other dinosaurs but also caused harm to itself.


However, one day, Leky tried Lekor Bites, the signature snack. This delicious and crispy snack deeply attracted its taste buds. Every time Leky ate Lekor Bites, it felt a sense of satisfaction, which made it forget the urge to bite other things! 

From then on, it only bit Lekor Bites and no longer bit other things. Its love for Lekor made it a loyal fan of Lekor Bites. It would occasionally come to the Lekor Bites store to share its story with children and promote this delicious snack. Now, it is no longer a "bully" that troubles other dinosaurs, but has become the beloved mascot of Lekor Bites, loved by everyone who sees it!